LOGIC’s organisation is structured to design, develop, qualify and produce aeronautical systems to satisfy individual needs, using the most technically advanced solutions while enhancing the cost benefits.

Our company policy is to provide totally reliable, high-quality products that are tailored to meet specific Customer requirements.

The demands of both the domestic and foreign markets are a constant reminder that competition is a reality.
Proof of our success in being able to meet even the most challenging aeronautical requirements is the fact that our products now fly on aircrafts cruising the globe.

Rotary wing

  • AW109 Family
  • AW129
  • AW169
  • AW101
  • ALH
  • BK117
  • H-46
  • CH-47
  • SA330
  • H135/H145
  • H225
  • NH90

Fixed wing

  • C-27J
  • A400M
  • ATR42/72
  • MB339
  • M-346 Master
  • PC-6
  • PC-7
  • PC-12
  • SF260
  • MUAV

New and existing platforms are in constant evolution to comply with new regulations and modern requirements.
Looking to the possibility to make future present in today’s solutions, Logic continuously invests in designing new families of products.

Currently we are focused on:

  • Smart actuators with electronic controller
  • Solid State power distribution controller