Displays & Controls

Cockpit units from discrete information up to multifunction units embodying ruggedized AMLCD for user-friendly Human Machine Interface

Our Cockpit Instrumentation ranges from display units to memory card interfaces and multi-function panels.
Meeting the most stringent requirements, Logic also pays particular attention to ergonomics.
High-resolution display units and embedded processors guarantee accurate graphics.
Internal data storage ensures extensive data logs are readily available for both on-board operations as well as after-flight data evaluation and post-processing.

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MAINhttps://www.logic-spa.com/wp-content/uploads/1-PROCESSING.pdf FEATURES:

  • AMLCD display with high level graphic performance and proprietary ruggedization process;
  • NVG compatibility;
  • Multiple data link support (1553Bus, Arinc 429, USB, CAN BUS, Ethernet, Wireless);


  • Get Home Display
  • Back Up Filght Instrument
  • Cenral Control Panel
  • Radio Control Units
  • Engine Fuel Display Panels
  • Weapon Control Panels
  • Advisory Panels
  • Cannon Control Units
  • Release Control Panels

Our systems fly on:

  • LEONARDO M-346
  • NH Industries – NH90
  • PILATUS PC-7 / PC-9 / PC-12

Autopilot Control Panel

In use on the Leonardo Helicopters Division AW109 Rotary wings application

Weapon Control Panel

In use on the following applications:
Airbus Helicopters Super Puma Mk II+ (Rotary wings line)
Airbus Helicopters H135 / BK117 / H145 (Rotary wings line)

Central Control Panel

In use on the VR-Technologies VRT500 Rotary wings application

Backup Flight Instrument

In use on the Leonardo Helicopters Division AW249 Rotary wings application