Product support

LOGIC S.p.A. aims to contribute to the success of its customers attaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction though the delivery of professional, efficient and high quality in-service support.

We recognize that an effective and efficient support is fundamental to take the full benefit from LOGIC S.p.A. product solutions. Our goal is to maximize the customer investment by providing a comprehensive support service catering for different operational needs throughout the lifetime of the product.

Support services

LOGIC S.p.A. provides a wide range of support and services designed to meet and exceed the customer expectations, and backed by the knowledge and experience gained during its long activity. We tailor solutions to meet specific needs by integrating services across our portfolio.

Material Service (including AOG service)

Material support service offers logistic modelling and provisioning for all awarded contracts. Being proactive and planning in advance spare parts and tooling ensure a smooth entry into service, aircraft operation and maintenance of customer inventory at safety level.

The material support service guarantees:

  • Supply of any spare parts for the LOGIC S.p.A. product range;
  • availability of spares, consumable and tooling for the equipment maintenance activities;
  • performance commitments on planned orders with On Time Delivery;
  • availability of spares within 24 hours;
  • quality commitment with On Time Quality;
  • management with simple and flexible spare price catalogue.

Repair and Overhaul Service

Repair and Overhaul (R&O) service offers a repair network for a complete range of repair activities both for equipments of LOGIC S.p.A. design and production, and for the ones for which LOGIC S.p.A. is an authorized repair center.
The R&O services guarantees:

  • Complete range of repair solutions;
  • one stop shop solution for the repair of any LOGIC S.p.A. product range;
  • competitive and fixed Turn-Around-Time secured by a safety pool;
  • performance commitments with On Time Delivery;
  • management with R&O price catalogue.

Retrofit Activities

Retrofit services offer the incorporation of the latest efficiency upgrades for the avionic equipments. For this purpose, LOGIC S.p.A. offers:

  • Technical information and modification kits necessary to perform the upgrade on customer site, or
  • Retrofit plan to perform the upgrade at LOGIC S.p.A. shop.

Technical Publications

LOGIC S.p.A. provides customer with complete and accurate technical information to ensure safe and cost-effective maintenance operation of the equipment. Technical Publications are available in several formats: paper, PDF, web based content including advanced functions such as hyperlinks and 3D navigation and animation for complex tasks. Leverage our proven technical authoring expertise and knowledge of leading technical standards such as S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200.

Technical Support and Assistance

LOGIC S.p.A. is deeply committed to assist customer with the daily operation and maintenance of equipments. In particular, a highly specialized technical staff is available to:

  • Provide a technical hotline in case of immediate technical assistance;
  • provide in-house technical support answering to customer query;
  • provide In-house and on-site technical assistance (e.g. troubleshooting, investigation);
  • perform on-the-job training.

Technical Information

LOGIC S.p.A. regularly publishes the latest technical guidelines and updates with service information letter for keeping customers informed of new services and products.


LOGIC S.p.A. provides training and refresh courses for customer trainers as well as operators at the desired level of maintenance. The service involves both theoretical training and hands-on practice performed on a real equipment.
The training courses are available at LOGIC S.p.A. facility or at customer premises.

Authorized Distributor and Repair Station

In support of the customers and operators worldwide, LOGIC S.p.A. has established an authorized distributor and repair station for its products in US ensuring:

  • Spare parts sales;
  • complete maintenance, overhaul and repair capability.